Message From Principal

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower. -Steve Jobs

Education has its roots in mans desire to hurdle over the troubles, ushered him to learn, create, progress and apply his/ her mental , physical and spiritual faculties in a given situation. Education is a growth and development process. It is a dynamic process of thinking, doing and living. It is a process of achieving maximum social, motional, physical, intellectual growth and development. It is also a product-a product composed of knowledge, skills, attitudes, habits, values and ideals.

The historical journey of my 'desire' in to this wonderland of unfathomable cultural heritage had begun from my childhood.

My desire to be a novel educationist has become a reality with 'Zenas - my dream school'. Before we could interact further I would like to express what Zenas means and what it stands for? The word 'Zenas' has many synonyms such as to be living, to strife for etc. To be true to the meaning of Zenas we are here to create a positive mind magi to everyone who is going to be associated with Zenas International.

It is well said, 'Mind, body and spirit becomes whole of oneself'. We here impart education which forms foundation to 'whole of oneself', we teach them to discover and create themselves so that they become self reliant. We teach them the value of creative hard work, which has the culture of turning ability into responsibility and can help one to maintain dignity even in adversity.

'If Columbus had turned back after 65 days of sailing on the uncharted seas, no one could have blamed him. But then, no one could have remembered him either!' we are our voyage. We shall inculcate the true innovative spirit of Columbus.

This is Zenas' first innovative step in our journey to promote education at all levels.

We believe firmly that we can strive to create a future worth remembering because Zenas does not have a history of conquest but a voyage of personal quest - It is well said " To know oneself is journey, to master oneself destination' I am sure with the blessings of all Gods known to humanity and with the continuous support of Zenas family, we shall have a safe voyage towards quest for wisdom.

Truly yours in the cause of education