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The school offers apart from the languages, i.e. English, Telugu, Urdu and Hindi, Mathematics, Sciences (Physics, Chemistry & Biology), Social Sciences (History & Civics, Geography), Computer Applications and Environmental Applications. Computer Studies is introduced from Class II onwards.


Zenas curriculum gives activities too, its due importance. There are numerous activities conducted and under the co-scholastic area, they are graded too.The School follows a continuous comprehensive evaluation programme for each grade.


The school emphasis is not only on academics but also on Co-curricular activities. The children can opt for one of the following activities like Cricket, Music (Guitar, Keyboard, Tabla etc.), Dance, Karate, aerobics, gymnastics, brass band or Yoga. These activities are taught by qualified teachers. In addition to this various games, drills, arts and crafts are part of the school curriculum.


The school also has an educational psychologist who is on the school rolls. The psychologist interacts both with the teachers & the parents of children with special needs to help them not only in academics but also to solve their individual problems.


Field trips and Excursions are organized regularly so that children get exposed to the environment at large. The High school & Senior School children are encouraged to go on out-of state excursions which in themselves are a total education.


The school has a tie up with 'THE HINDU' and has the NIE (Newspaper in Education) program, where the children are encouraged to read the Newspaper in the classroom & also participate in discussions.

Educational Partners