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Welcome To Zenas

At the threshold of the new academic year, the school has started enthusiastically and with a purpose. The purpose of inducing value - based approach to education built on the foundation of culture, character, compassion and courage.

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About us

We are here to create leaders of tomorrow through whole-education and life-long learning

Principal's Message

Education has its roots in mans desire to hurdle over the troubles, ushered him to learn, create, progress and apply his/ her mental , physical and spiritual faculties in a given situation. Education is a growth and development process. It is a dynamic process of thinking, doing and living. It is a process of achieving maximum social, motional, physical, intellectual growth and development. It is also a product-a product composed of knowledge, skills, attitudes, habits, values and ideals.

The historical journey of my ‘desire’ in to this wonderland of unfathomable cultural heritage had begun from my childhood.

Latest News

  • SA-I V.E, G.K and Abacus Time Table

    Friday 08,Sep 2017

    Dear Parent please download SA-I V.E, G.K and Abacus Time Table.


    Thursday 03,Aug 2017

    FA-II TIME TABLE 2017-18

  • FA-II portion

    Thursday 03,Aug 2017

    FA-II portion 207-18


    Tuesday 01,Aug 2017

    Dear parents , Pls find the attachment of Aug syllabus

  • SA-II Time Table 2016-17

    Wednesday 01,Mar 2017

    Dear Parent, please download SA-II Time Table.

  • SA- II Portion for Class I to VIII

    Wednesday 17,Feb 2016

    Dear Parent, Please Download SA - II Portion for class - I to VIII

  • Anuual Awards Day

    Saturday 18,Feb 2017

    Zenas is celebrating Anuual Awards Day for Class I to Class IV on Feb18, 2017.

  • FA - IV Portion 2016-17

    Wednesday 04,Jan 2017

    Dear Parent, Please download FA - IV Portion.

  • FA - IV Time Table 2016 - 17

    Wednesday 04,Jan 2017

    Dear Parent, Please download FA - IV Time Table

  • FA - III Portion

    Wednesday 02,Nov 2016

    D/P, Please download FA - III portion for classes I to VIII

  • FA - III Time Table

    Wednesday 02,Nov 2016

    D/P, Please download FA - III Time Table for classes I to VIII

  • Class wise Time Table

    Tuesday 01,Nov 2016

    Dear Parent, please download the attached copy of Class wise time table


    Wednesday 28,Sep 2016

    Please find attached document of DUSSEHRA CIRCULAR

  • Class wise time table for Pre- primary

    Wednesday 27,Jul 2016

    D/P, please download Pre - Primary time table.

  • Class wise Time Table

    Wednesday 27,Jul 2016

    D/P, please download class wise time table for classes I to VIII

  • FA-II Portion

    Tuesday 26,Jul 2016

    D/P, please download FA-II portion Class I to VIII

  • FA-II Time Table

    Tuesday 26,Jul 2016

    D/P, please download FA-II Time Table

  • Zenas Skill Academy

    Thursday 30,Jun 2016

    Dear Parent, Please download the Zenas skill academy

  • FA-I Portion

    Tuesday 28,Jun 2016

    Dear Parent, please download FA-I Portion

  • FA-I Time Table

    Tuesday 28,Jun 2016

    Dear Parent, please download FA-I Time Table

  • Visit Gallery for latest Pictures and Videos

    Wednesday 31,May 2017

    Please visit gallery for pictures and videos of all the school events, You can also visit our Facebook and Instagram pages.

  • It is hard to believe that another new academic year is upon us!

    Monday 21,Mar 2016

    Dear Students/Parents, As we come close to the end of academic year 2015-16, Let me wish you with all my heart, to start a new academic year 2016-2017 in a very pleasant way. We are excited to announce that the new academic year begins on March 21, 2016. I encourage students to stay excited, motivated and focused!! I also wanted to extend a warm welcome to all new faculty members and to all those who are taking on new roles.

  • Circular 14/03/16

    Monday 14,Mar 2016

    Circular No: 140316 – 19 Date: 14/03/2016 “He who heeds discipline shows the way of life, but who ever ignores correction leads others astray” Proverbs 10:17 Dear Parents, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” A good education equips us as competent participants on the path of life-long learning. A good education goes beyond the accumulation of facts and the acquisition of skills. At its core, a good education imbibes the humble acceptance of how little we actually know, yet instills with us a passionate drive and motivation to constantly know more. A teacher plays a vital role in grooming a child into a civilized adult. At the same time a parent too has an important role in enlightening the child. Thus, for a parent and a teacher, home and school must have an integrated mission, a challenge to create, recognize and nurture the talent of the child. Proud Movements: Students were encouraged to participate in various competitions held in scholastic &non-scholastic areas which brought glory to the parents and student’s .The school has also awarded various medals and trophies to the scholars, well disciplined, all rounder, full attendance on Annual awards day. Congratulations! To all the winners, keep it up! Academic session:- • Performance Profile [Report Cards] will be issued on • 18th March [Pre-Primary] • 19th March [Class I to VII]. • Books for the next classes will be issued on the day of the report card itself. • Parents are requested to collect it in person. Timings 9.00am to 12.30pm. • The new academic session begins on 21st March 2016 and closes on April 23rd. Timings : 8.00 am to 12.30pm. ( half a day sessions) • Summer vacation starts from 25th April- 11th June 2016. Reopens on June 13th. Any student coming after 8.00 am will be sent back home as the focus is to develop punctuality and discipline. Children are to be dropped and picked up at the entrance gate. Parents are requested to co-operate. Especially those who are availing transport facility see that your ward is ready at the bus stop in the allotted time. School Fee: There is a slight increase in the school fee of about 10% for the academic year 2016-17. The first installment fee is to be paid on the reopening day i,e 21st March. Books and uniform: Books and uniform are issued from 18th to 21st of March. The new set of books is to be neatly covered and label with the marker pen and submitted to the class teacher in the month of June. Gratitude: I sincerely take this opportunity to thank each one of you for extending your support and being a part of our passion to imbibe value system, enlightened knowledge and cultural awareness in the child, there by accomplishing our goals without any obstacles. We promise to do our best to your ward in the cause of education.

  • Circular 03/03/16

    Thursday 03,Mar 2016

    Dear Parent, • This is to inform you that Saturday (05/03/16) is a holiday as there is a seminar for the teachers. • Monday (07/03/16) is a holiday on account of Maha Shivarathri. • SA-II Examinations are from 08/03/16 to 15/03/16. • Tuesday (08/03/16) is a full day. Timings 8:40am to 3:40pm • Wednesday (09/03/16) to Tuesday (15/03/16) School works half a day. Timings 8:40am to 12:40pm.

  • SA-II Portion Class- I to VII

    Tuesday 23,Feb 2016

    SA-II Portion Classes I to VII

  • SA-II Time Table

    Tuesday 23,Feb 2016

    SA-II Exams Time Table 2015-16

  • Circular

    Tuesday 23,Feb 2016

    Dear Parent, This is to update/inform you about the important dates of the calendar year 2016, (27-02-2016 Saturday- Annual awards day, 08-03-16 to 15-03-16 Tuesday-Tuesday SA-II Examinations & Issue of books for new admissions, 18-03-16 Friday - Pre-Primary reports cards & Issue of books from class Nursery to Class-I, 19-03-16 Saturday - Report cards For class I –VII & Issue of books for class II-VIII, 20-03-16 Sunday - Issue of books for all classes, 21-03-16 Monday - School re- opens for next session [2016-17], 23-04-16 Saturday - Last working day, 25-04-16 Monday - Summer vacation begins, 13-06-16 Monday -School Re-opens)

  • Formative Assessment 1

    Monday 20,Jul 2015

    Zenas will be conducting the first formative assessment test for the academic year 2015-16.This includes a range of formal and informal assessment procedures conducted by teachers during the learning process in order to modify teaching and learning activities to improve student attainment.